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Autumn Retreat Morning

Join me for a soul-nourishing morning of yoga movement, breathing exercises and a sound bath with Emma from LifeFlower. 

Sunday 24th September

9.45am - 12.30pm

Bloomsburys Biddenden, Kent

Early bird price, £35 per person

Taking place in the beautiful surroundings of Bloomsburys Biddenden, you will be welcomed with refreshments before you begin to move the body with gentle, yet invigorating yoga poses to awaken the body, guided by Hannah.

Breathwork exercises will be intertwined into the practice to bring a sense of calm and balance to the body and mind.

After a comfort break you will begin an immersive sound experience, led by Emma, where sound waves wash over you as you relax and enjoy the melodic journey. Sound makes meditation more accessible for those who find sitting in silence either boring or difficult, as the harmonics effortlessly take your mind into a meditative state.

By the end of the session, you'll feel supremely relaxed, calm, and happy.

What should you expect from a sound bath?

A restorative sound session is an hour where the stimulating world of work and pressures all fade into the background. Crystal singing bowls are predominantly used, occasionally intermixed with some other sounds such as a wind gong, tuning forks and koshi chimes. The processing part of the mind is at rest, and experience is just happening by itself, entirely unique to our own requirements.

Thoughts may rise but just pass by. The experience of a restorative sound session is that of no-mind, the freeing of the mind from identification with thoughts. 

People sometimes describe the experience as the vibrations undoing knots, releasing blockages and loosening tension. People report sleeping better for days, their anxieties are reduced and they can sense an inner calm.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is not suitable for pregnant woman or people with pacemakers. or sound sensitive conditions/ seizures ( check with doctor) Please contact me if you are having cancer treatment or seriously unwell to discuss. Its fine for anyone in remission.

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