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Corporate Wellbeing Yoga 

I offer Corporate Wellbeing options to support your business and your employees. My classes are tailored to your business environment and employee needs. Classes can include, yoga, chair yoga, breathwork and/or meditation.


Corporate yoga classes differs from my standard vinyasa flow classes, because I focus on strengthening commonly weak areas and stretch overworked areas of tension from muscles shortening when we sit for prolonged periods. 

Yoga Class

I can provide wellbeing sessions to meet your specific business needs. I can provide a studio space local to your business or come to your offices. I do not need a large studio space, I can even offer chair yoga which requires very little space. My services include, stretching, mobility, yoga, breathwork and meditation. I can work closely with other local suppliers to provide longer workshop packages including Herbalists, Chocolatiers, Florist, Winemakers and Sound Healers. 


I offer my services around Kent including, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Ashford. 

Some examples of packages I have previously provided to organisations in Kent to show what I can offer. 

Package 1

2 x 45 minute chair yoga and breathwork sessions at the office in a small meeting room with 10 employees in each session to support a 'wellbeing at work' day. 

Package 2

1 x 90 minute yoga and mediation session in a large reception area for up to 25 employees during an extended lunch break. 

Package 3 

5 x 1hr yoga sessions for beginners spread over 5 weeks for 10 employees in a meeting room. 

Package 4 

Half day wellbeing workshop at a specialist venue including, yoga, breathwork, mediation and wellbeing talk from a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath on stress relief and a delicious lunch. 

Get in touch with me to discuss how I can provide yoga for you and your business. 

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